PS – Sostenibilidad - 001
Upgrade: August 2017
In Hoteles de Conveniencia S.A.S, we are committed to being a sustainable company, through the fulfillment of the legal requirements that apply to us and the maintenance or continuous improvement of the environmental impacts, socio-cultural and economic impacts, as well as the management, minimization and elimination of negative impacts generated or developed from our economic activity in hotel accommodation operations and in all workplaces where we operate.
We have the commitment with the preservation of the environment, the promotion and protection of cultural heritage, the well-being of our stakeholders including the inhabitants of the region, the satisfaction of our clients and the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
Our collaborators, suppliers, customers and guest as principal actors and stakeholders are committed to the development and implementation of the management system as they know the importance of the principles of sustainability. They know that working as a team and the continuously improving processes can be guarantee to be a sustainable lodging establishment.
Hoteles de Conveniencia S.A.S
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